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International Drawing Competition Winner: At the tender age of 13, Babasart clinched victory in the International Drawing Competition (UNFPA) in (1997) Japan, showcasing exceptional talent and creativity on a global stage.

babasart international award certificate

Welcome to the creative world of Babasart, where passion meets a rich tapestry of artistic accomplishments. 26

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State-Level Champion: With a remarkable track record, Babasart has secured the first position in state-level competitions over 25 times, illustrating not just talent, but a consistent commitment to excellence.

Artistic Journey of Over 27 Years: Babasart brings a wealth of experience, boasting more than 25 years in the field of art. This journey has been a canvas filled with growth, exploration, and a deepening love for the craft.

YouTube Sensation: With over 96 thousand subscribers on YouTube, Babasart has become a beloved figure in the online art community. The channel, a treasure trove of creative insights, has garnered a vast audience eager to explore the world of art.

Prolific Content Creator: Babasart has shared artistic wisdom through more than 1300 videos across various social media networks, creating a digital footprint that resonates with art enthusiasts worldwide.

Over 11,000 Drawing Works: The extensive portfolio of Babasart boasts over 11,000 drawing works, each a testament to dedication, skill, and a passion for creating visual stories.