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Be artist like a pro with the help of these tips

I never had to struggle much, while learning painting for become an artist. In my childhood, i got chance to win many local drawing competitions. Even in 1997, i was honored by certificate given by UNICEF an organization of United Nation

When my career started, I had to face many of challenges. I was short of money and I did not know how to make money by painting.

 artist at begining

I consulted with many friends and artists but no practical way was shown.

first phase as an artist

I decided with deep thoughts that, i could start my earnings by drawing sketches of people. I did approach many people and got work.

For the next 6 months i kept working.

And made only 450$ in 6 months, but could not earn enough money for normal life. Now i had to choose a new path to earn more.

I knew that a good painting can sell at a good price. worked very hard to make four painting, it took more than one month.

business strategies for an artist
painting exhibition

Now, I didn’t have enough money for my own exhibition.

My contacts were not good enough to include my painting in the exhibitions of others.

Then, i searched many local drawing stores, where I could sell my paintings but not getting enough price any where.

I need an ultimate path that could make me successful. Because my lots of time was wasted and didn’t earn anything.

I thought deeply about where the mistake was happening. Now, i am going to tell you what i found out.

The biggest thing that I understand is that only talent doesn’t do anything.

It is also important that your work should reach to right people. You wouldn’t even guess if your work reaches the right place, then your work will increase manifold.

The second draw back I saw, that. In the same time i could put my work in front of millions of people. In that time I was able to put my work only in front of some 100 people. Limited time, such a path is not possible for a common man. To put his work in front of thousands of people. “It is possible only in the digital world”

my courses for Digital Marketing

I needed a lot of knowledge for this, so I first joined Google’s Digital Marketing online course. It made me understand the basics of digital marketing. For advanced knowledge, I joined an offline course of 3 months, which increased my knowledge further.
Till then I believed that being successful in online business is a game of luck. But i soon realized that, this is not a game of luck but a game of strategies.

digital marketing learning
digital marketing learning

Due to my online work, my offline work also increased a lot. I started getting new drawing project. My work was so big that I had to hire many new artist to complete the work.

Here, I am sharing my successful strategies with you. And hope that I will give you the right guidance which will be beneficial for you.

choose a niche as an artist

If you are presenting your work online to the world. Then you have to take hold of a niche. it is the first mantra of digital world. If you make drawing, then drawing will be your niche.

While sketch drawing, pencil drawing, watercolor drawing etc. will be your micro niche. If it possible for you, then take your online work to micro level.

know your USP

The unique selling point is the factor or benefit. That makes your product different from other equivalent product on the market.
You should know your UPS. When you are selling your product in the market. You should know, what is so special about your product or marketing method that makes us different from our competitions.

Example, after selling the painting to your customer. You can give them a sketch for free or you can use a special type of frame in your painting. Which nobody else does. You need to make sure that your products and shop are delivering a unique perspective and unique value. That none of your competitions are providing.

business strategies
make a business USP

The biggest advantage in this is that it will give you a different identity in the crowd. Even it can make you a brand.

find your right customers

No matter how good an artist you are,no matter what good service you give. But if no one needs your product or service, then your product will not be taken by you. Simply put, you should know who your customers are and you should always have a targeted customer database. Whether it is an email ID or a phone number. Through which you can send your message to them from time to time.

business strategies by babasart
business strategies for your customers

You can give information about your new product through the database, and also tell about discounts and new offers.

Now the question arises as to where you will get your customer database. You will find many companies on the internet who claim to give you the database of the right customer. But more than 90% will cheat you, so you should create your own customer database.

how to get your customers database

On the basis of my personal experience, the best platform is Facebook, from you can create your customers database.

First of all you have to enter the word related to your product in Facebook’s search box. Then you will have many options, in which you have to click on pages. Now you will get Facebook page related to your product. People’s email IDs and phone numbers will be found in the About section of the Facebook page. This task is tittle bit difficult to do but chances of success are high.

As an artist do SWOT Analysis for your planning

SWOT analysis is a business analysis process that ensure that objectives for a project are clearly defined. And that all factors related to the project are properly identified.

S = Strengths
W = Weaknesses
O = Opportunities
T = Threats

SWOT analysis
SWOT analysis

Strengths –

Strong and positive characteristics of your plan and its governed by internal factors. For example, You are going to open an online painting store. And you already have a lot of fans on social media.

This will be your will be your strength. This is one type that way you will have to analyze all your positive factors.

Weaknesses –

Any process, areas or resources that hinder the growth of your planning.

It is also a internal factors ex. lack of money, shortage of raw materials etc.

Opportunities –

All external factors which create circumstances that help external company (online store) expand its size and revenue.
ex. growth in demand of your work

Threats –

All external factors that could pose a risk to the company’s (online store) success. For example, low market demand

Now, the time has come that you can take the final decision. As to what kind of work you are going to start. I assume that you are an Artist and you are going to proceed in this field.

Choose a right path

You have two ways, either you can provide service or you can make and sell any product. If you want, can do both together. If you are providing service then you should know about your product category. You can make a sketch or drawing of someone or complete a drawing project given by the customer.

You can design a logo for a company. As a designer, you have a lot of possibilities, so you can earn name, fame and lot of money.

You can make some paintings as your physical product or can store drawing materials or drawing frames. Whether you are providing service, physical products or both, you should open an online shop. Because you can get millions of customers by it.

an artist
be artist like a pro

As an artist, it is your duty that the creativity provided by God is not just for decorating. It should be expanded. Creativity is the basic quality of nature and God has given it to you.


You should open an online store to expand your drawing business. As it can provide you a lot of customers. You can present your work, to the world in less time through Internet.

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