Drawing Therapy – all you need to know about it

You must have at least heard the name of drawing therapy. And also, you can understand that it is used to reduce depression.

If you think that, why do I need it? So think again. There is hardly anyone who is not presently under mental pressure. My purpose behind writing this is to make you aware.

I read about drawing therapy long ago. My friend was going through the problem of loneliness, then I advised him.

After a short period of therapy, he realized the benefits. So I want to write about it for you.

Does drawing therapy reduce our tension? And can we use it in our daily life?

All of these questions will be answered here. First of all, let’s understand what is drawing therapy.

What is drawing therapy?

We have adopted the modern lifestyle in our lives so that it is difficult for us to pass a moment of life with happiness.

drawing therapy

No matter how small the problem is, we come under stress from somewhere. Shared the photo on Facebook. Not get much like, if any friend does not pick up our phone, we get tension.

We have made a habit of taking stress without any reason. And this habit gradually takes the form of depression.

Our health consultants and doctors take various measures to relieve stress like yoga, meditation, etc.

Drawing therapy is one such type method.

How does drawing therapy works ?

Create a drawing in a good environment is helpful for our mind.

While drawing, our mind starts to concentrate, and we can relieve our stress.

Scientists have a lot of research on this and believed that we can reduce mental stress by drawing therapy.

Method of drawing therapy

Before adopting this process, you have to understand two things.

1- It is not necessary to have any drawing skills or knowledge.

2- There is no need to prove anything. Any person who never made a drawing before can also do it easily.

To do this, you must choose. Such a time, when no one disturbs you.

First of all, take a plain drawing sheet and pencil and sit in a secluded room.
The room temperature should suit you.

If possible, sit separately from your bed. Now take a deep. Breathe for two minutes and try to concentrate the mind.

Now think about which type of drawings you used to create in your childhood.

drawing therapy

When you feel easy, start your drawing. At this time, remove everything from your mind, do only drawing.

When you wish, stop drawing. Look at drawing with a calm mind for one to two minutes.

Your therapy is complete.

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You will take 10 to 20 minutes daily to do this, and no other person is needed for this.
Keep in mind that, if you are already do drawing and your colors are present, use color instead of a pencil.

Because colors affect our mood, colors can help us to reduce stress.

Why does drawing therapy effective?

Drawing therapy effectively reduces tension because when we draw something, we forget external suffering .

While drawing, we are bound in a rhythm. And there is such a nature of the mind that is after sinking in rhythm, we start forgetting our grief and tension.

Drawing therapy is so effective. Another reason for this is that drawing enhances our creativity. And it has the advantage that we become able to solve any problem.

An another reason for this its usefulness is your drawing makes you feel an accomplishment. A small achievement makes us happy.

There can be many reasons for this method, which proves that drawing therapy will work for us to reduce tension.

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