Jobs for artist – earn from home without investment

Thousands of people are facing a financial crisis due to corona epidemic in the world. If you have creativity, even if you have little knowledge of drawing, you can still earn millions in these ways. Welcome to our post, Jobs for artist.

The history of Fine art is ancient. People used to paint while living in canvas. Historians have given information about this, and substantial evidence has also been found.

Since then, several branches have emerged. In modern times it is being used in most of the business. And this is also the need of the hour.

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Fine art is involved in the business in many forms. Whether it is painting, sketching, logo designing, or the whole business model is depending on drawings.

Today, I am telling you five jobs for artist in practical ways to earn millions every month from your drawing skills.

All these methods have been told based on my personal experience. Apart from this, there are many ways by which you can make a lot of money by painting.

I have made good amount of money through these methods. And all these successful methods are being put before you in this post.

I believe that you, too, can make a good amount of money through these methods.

jobs for artist as Sketch Artist – 

If you are a sketch artist, then you can easily make 2000$ to 15,000$ per month.

jobs for artist as sketch artist

This earning will depend on your talent and also on the satisfaction of the customer. A satisfied customer can pay any amount of money. 

How to get your customer?

The biggest problem for artists is that they do not get customers quickly.

Here, i suggest a solution to this problem. Suppose you are an artist who lives in New York. Then there are two ways to get a customer in your city.

1 – Local listing 

2 – Face book Marketing 

Join local listings related to painting 

You can resister in Google My Business by google website. For this, you have to sign up in google my business and select the service area in your business type.

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To join it, you have to fill your name, address, and mobile number, you will have to verify your address. After verifying, you will be included in the local listing. 

Whenever a customer searches for a sketch artist in your city, your name and mobile number will appear in the search result of google. 

A new customer can directly contact through your mobile number.

Facebook Marketing

Nowadays, every business is resorting to a Facebook ad to get its customer. There are two reasons for this.

The first reason is Facebook ad is much cheaper than other ads.

Another reason is, you can deliver your ad on your selected people’s mobile with the help of settings provided by Facebook like particular locations, fields of interest, age group, etc. 

jobs for artist

Simply, you can get a lot of customers through Facebook ads.

To promote painting or find customers, create a Facebook ad campaign.

To run the Facebook ad. first, you need to create a Facebook page.

You will get the option to create a page on your Facebook account. You would quickly create a Facebook page.

After creating a page, you should post 5 to 10 artwork on it.

Now you have to start your first campaign; first, you should select the reach in ad type and then select the page.

Now you have to select your audience and fill all instructions.

Running Facebook ads may seem a little confusing for the first time. After running a few ads, you will be a master of it.

You can get a lot of customers through the Facebook ad. Once the customer is found, you should keep in touch with them via email. With this, you can get work from the same customer multiple times.

Jobs for artist as YouTube channel owner-

The easiest and best way for artists is to open your youtube channel.

It takes only two minutes to create a channel, but it may take time to grow it.

How to Create YouTube Channel- 

To create the channel, you have to open the Youtube app. on the top right of the screen, you will see a circular logo on which you should click.

After this, your name will appear and again click on it. You will get the option for my channel.

Terms of Earning from YouTube

To earn money from YouTube, you have to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. Only then will your channel monetize, and your income will start.

As an artist, I got my first income from Youtube.

If you have drawing skills and hard work, you can start your income from youtube within 3 to 4 months.

There is some difficulty in the beginning, like not getting subscribers or does not get many views.

How to Grow Your Drawing Channel- 

People will tell you many to grow your channel like subs to subs, paid promotion, etc.

But these paths are not useful, and later can be harmful to your channel. The best way is to write the correct title on every video between 50 to 80 words.

In the descriptions box below, write about the drawing. The minimum words should be 500 words.

Along with this, you should also put the correct tag. And upload regular videos.

In the way, you should keep uploading videos at fixed time intervals.

After uploading 40 to 50 videos, your channel will start growing on its own.

When your channel monetizes, you will get money from Adsense.

jobs for artist as writer / Create E-Book

Once you create an E-Book, you can earn recurring money. You can create an e-book based on your drawing knowledge.

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How to Create an E-Book

It is easy to create an e-book. First of all, prepare your subject matter. Type if on your mobile or laptop.
Now you have to convert it to pdf. For mobile, you can use the pdf converter app.

In the laptop, you can convert to pdf with the help of docs.

When creating an e-book, your book must have tables, roles, titles, and subtitles.

Put the page number in your book and make an attractive cover page. You can use canvas to create an attractive cover page.

How to Publish Drawing E-Book

Now comes the problem of how to publish this book. You will find many websites where people will advise publishing the e-book.

It would help if you published the book on the best platform, not falling in the loop of any fake website.

These two platforms are such, where millions of customers visit every day.

Publish E-Book on Amazon kindle and Instamojo

To publish on amazon kindle and Instamojo, you will have to create an account on these.
You will have to provide your name address and tax information.

Creating an account on amazon kindle and Instamojo is free. But whenever your book is sold, you have to pay some part of your earnings.

Although people will buy your book directly from here, you can also use Facebook ads to increase your sales.

Open Online Painting Store (jobs for artist)

According to the market, you should create a painting with acrylic or oil paint, whose size should be significant.

Keep in mind that your painting should be original.

By the way, You can publish your painting in city exhibitions. From here, you will get the right customers.

Where to Sell Your Painting online-

If you want, you can sell your painting online. There is my favorite website for this, society 6 and redbubble.
By creating an account on this website, you can quickly sell your painting.

Here, you can also customize the painting, such as posters, phone cases, mugs, notebook, etc.

Apart from all this, the best way is to open your online store.

If you want full profit from your painting, then you should make your store on Shopify.

How to Create a store on Shopify-

For this, you must have a domain name. The domain name can be your store name, such as,,, etc.

jobs for artist

To buy a domain, you will have to go to and search for your chosen name.
If you get a .com, it is excellent. Apart from this, you can also buy your country-specific name like .us, .uk, .ca, etc.

To create an E-store, you will need to create your account on Shopify.

Learn more : Seven Easy Drawing Tips

Although you can open your store for free, you can pay for customizing themes to make your shop more attractive.

Jobs for artist as teacher – Create Drawing Courses

If you want to spread your drawing knowledge to others, then you can create a drawing course of your own.

To learn this course, you can set fees.

If you want, you can give the course as audio or video.

But it will help people to make their course accessible to the people in video form.

The best medium that I find to publish this course is Here you can publish your course by creating an account and earn reasonable fees.

While making the video course, pay attention to the time of your course.
If possible, your course must be between 12 hours to 12 hours.


If you work by sticking to one of all the ways mentioned here, You will earn enormous money.

There is the path described based on my own experience, on which my work is continuing.

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