anatomy drawing practice – easy tips for beginners and artists

The human anatomy drawing practice is a unique way of practicing drawing. So let’s first understand why you should practice it. Suppose you want to create a real-life drawing or a sketch of the person or a drawing that requires humans to show on canvas, etc.

For this, It’s your need to practice human anatomy drawing.

human anatomy drawing practice

First of all, we understand human anatomy.

All human beings are similar, like two legs, two hands, one head, etc. But you will see thousand of poses from one anatomy because a living man changes his posture all the time.

Sometimes he is sitting or running or dancing with his hands raised, etc.

It is a sign of a great artist to depict all the shapes of human anatomy accurately. To make a human figure drawing, we must be aware of the correct proportion of different body parts of human beings.

Perhaps you have heard a saying that “every human being is three and a half hands long,” which is absolutely true. However, if you don’t believe it, you can measure yourself. For this, you need to use the lower part of your hand elbow.

anatomy drawing practice

Your body length will be 3.5 times the length of your hand. It will always apply, and by resorting to this, we will portray human figure drawing accurately.

Now some amazing facts are going to tell you. It can improve your drawing skill and helps in anatomy drawing practice.

You have to note that whenever I talk about the hand’s length, you have to be considered the lower part of the hand’s elbow, And here the side part of the hand length is to be rejected.

This will make it very easy for you to understand my points.

  1. The length from a person’s neck to waist is equal to that of one hand.
  2. The length of the human foot is equal to two hands.
  3. In a human figure, the length above the neck is equal to half the hand.

You can create any human anatomy drawing based on these three facts.

anatomy drawing practice techniques

The human shape can be divided into three parts.

  • Head
  • Torso
  • Feet

You can start drawing keeping in mind the ratio of these three.

 anatomy drawing practice

Making it easier, if you consider the hand to be a unit, the ratio of the head, torso, and leg will be “0.5: 1: 2”.

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In any pose you are depicting the human figure, this ratio should always be maintained.

human anatomy drawing practice

You have to human anatomy drawing practice differently. You should have a stopwatch to practice it. It will help you measure the time. You have to complete this exercise in three phases.

In the first step, you have to create a human figure within 20 seconds. Also, You have to represent the human anatomy drawing only by the lines.

In the second step, you have to choose 10 seconds; within 10 seconds, you have to draw human anatomy drawing. As before, it has to create with the help of lines.

The only difference is that this time, you have to be a little faster.

For the third step, you have to choose 6 seconds. In this, you have to speed up the most to draw human anatomy.

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