drawings for kindergarteners – Follow these 7 tips if you really concerned about your kid’s learning

When you search drawings for kindergarteners, I think it is crucial for kids, and I want to explain what procedure should be applied to teach drawing in kindergarten.

The work of a potter is to make different types of pottery by giving shape to the raw clay, and it is in the potter’s hands what kind of utensils he wants to make.

Similarly, children’s mind, as well as you try to mold them, goes on molding accordingly.

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you need to know; how to create drawings for kindergarteners.

Always keep these seven things in mind whenever you make a drawing for kindergarten.

drawing should be attractive

Do you know why kids love to watch cartoons? The first answer is that they attract children.

Understandably, cartoon characters attract children because they don’t see characters like cartoons in the real world.

drawings for kindergarteners

I am also telling you how to create a drawing that attracts kids.

The first way is that you have wrong proportions in the drawing, like in the cartoon, someone’s nose is too long, or someone’s stomach is too big, or the legs are too short, etc.

In this way, you can attract children to the picture.

Another way is to use colors in your drawing, and the use of colors will make the drawing more attractive and help them understand colors.

Drawing should be easy

The drawing should be elementary when you teach drawing to kids; any drawing you draw should be a line drawing. If possible, draw a line drawing figure on paper and tell them to colour in between the lines.

Although Coloring books are also available in the market, if you make them in front, on drawing paper, they will get inspiration for drawing.

Whether a child or an adult, everyone avoids starting with a tough one and tries to stay away from it.

If you teach easy drawing to the kids, they will be motivated to draw; otherwise, they will run away from it. By this, they will learn to hold a pencil in hand.

So this is your second lesson that drawings for kindergarteners should be easy.

Use basic shapes

Use basic shapes whenever you draw for kindergarteners.

By basic shapes, I mean that you should use triangles, circles and quadrilaterals more often when teaching children to draw.

Children’s minds will absorb it quickly, and they will be able to remember them for a long time.

drawings should be creative

My fourth piece of advice is that if you are creating drawings for kindergarteners, it should be creative.

By creative, I mean the objects in the picture that children have seen in nature but are different from the real world. For example, smiling sun, flower face etc.

Here I want to say one more thing: you try to show nature in your painting, and it will positively affect children.

Drawing with Storytelling

drawings for kindergarteners

Storytelling is the best way to teach kids something new. When you combine drawing and storytelling, it will be much easier for kids to learn.

The story should not be too long; you can narrate the short story to the children and draw them.

The story should be in such a way that the mind of the children remains involved. For this, you should tell wonderful stories like the story of the mermaid, the story of the moon and stars etc.

No Overlap

My sixth piece of advice is that there should be no overlap when you draw the drawings for kindergarteners.

So far, I have been told that drawing should be easy and use line drawing.

Taking this thing further, you should make line drawing but try to use the least number of lines in the drawing and make the drawing as simple as possible.

knowledge of words and numbers

The purpose of teaching drawing to children younger than five years is to remain interested in studies.

Along with this, we aim to provide the children with the knowledge of words and numbers.

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That’s why it should be your effort that, along with drawing, children should also give alphabet knowledge.

If possible, create drawings for kindergarteners where the letters should be hidden behind the drawing.

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