how to learn doodle drawing in just 21 days / easy drawing techniques

You will get the answer of how to learn doodle drawing, as well as you will understand why we should learn doodle drawing and what are the benefits of learning it.

First of all, let us understand the definition of doodle drawing.

Doodle drawing can be any shape, pattern, or design created with your free mind.

Doodle drawing is entirely different from other drawings as it does not have any fixed way.

It is possible to place it in the category of abstract painting or modern art, however, what separates it is the method of creating it.

It can be drawn on your drawing paper or in your notebook using a pen, or pencil at any time and from anyplace. When we draw doodle art, shape matters more than the color.

There are numerous benefits to drawing doodles, and, likely, you will also begin drawing doodles. This article will highlight its five advantages.

Doodle drawing advantages

how to learn doodle drawing

1- Making a doodle drawing increases your focus because you have to concentrate while making it.

It’s a drawing that you’ll feel that your connection is forged by it. This way, no matter what you sketch, all your eyes will be focused on it, and your concentration will grow.

2 – Another advantage of this is that it reduces your mental stress. I will tell you how it works with an example.

One of the biggest reasons for stress in our daily life is that when we cannot do the work we want or do not get the desired result, we get stressed.

Even if it is a small matter, you made a post on Instagram but did not get the expected likes, then you can be stressed, or you want to buy your house, but you do not have enough money, you can still get stressed.

Whatever the reason, whether it’s small or huge, the exact type of mechanism is at work behind both; When you cannot fulfil your desires, the stress will increase.

Doodle drawing relieves your stress in such a way that as soon as you start drawing, you have complete freedom to move your pen in any direction; there are no rules or regulations.

Without restrictions, you’ll feel at ease in your mind as you are accomplishing the task. This is why it helps in relieving anxiety.

3 – The third advantage is that it’s simple to draw, so you’ll be able to spend a long time doing drawings.

By which You will become more proficient in drawing. When you create any other kind of draw, you need to think a lot as it requires drawing material, paper, color, and the right spot.

It is impossible to draw anywhere, even if you wish; however, the great thing about drawing doodles is that it can begin drawing anywhere.

4 – By creating doodle drawings can increase your creativity.

This is because different kinds of thoughts will come into your head when you draw, and the more imaginative you increase.

how to learn doodle drawing

5 – So far, you have understood the four benefits of doodle drawing. When you get these four benefits, the fifth benefit will happen automatically.

The fifth advantage is that making a doodle drawing calms your mind, and nowadays, it is most important to calm the mind.

Now, we show you how to learn doodle drawing.

how to learn doodle drawing

To be honest, there is no need to learn doodle drawing skills because it is hidden within you.

Whatever you draw on paper with an open mind and will serve no purpose will be your doodle drawing.

Still, if you want to know how to learn doodle drawing, then the answer is, you don’t need guidance, but it requires practice to learn.

how to practice for doodle drawing

Start drawing any design you like on plain paper with a pen or pencil whenever you feel stressed. As your design progresses, some shapes will appear in it.

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Your goal should be to strive to make the figure more appealing.

Another thing to be aware of is that an eraser shouldn’t be used when making drawings that doodle.

I hope this article “how to learn doodle drawing” will be helpful for you.


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