How to learn drawing for beginners / Never Forget These Tips

Do you know why 90% of beginners fail to learn drawing? There is only one reason; beginners lose their confidence very quickly.

And the one who keeps his confidence; one day becomes a prominent artist. If you are a beginner, then one thing always keeps in mind that you will make a great artist.

No matter how big an artist is, he was also a beginner when he started learning drawing.

how to learn drawing for beginners

There are three ways to how to learn drawing for beginners.

  • Stay confident
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes
  • Practice without getting bored

You guys have asked that if someone who does not have a drawing skill can learn to draw, my answer is, he can learn at all.

If a person wants to learn anything with genuine passion, he will gain mastery in it. The essential thing in this is that; practice is the most important to develop any skill.

The more you practice. Efficiency will increase more and more. In the same way, you can develop your drawing skills.

how to learn drawing for beginners

You may have some skill or not, but you must have confidence.

According to research, 80% of people shy away from learning something new because of their thinking. They thought I would not be able to learn it.

Friends, I am going to tell you some such ways. With the help of you can develop your drawing skills.

If you feel that you do not have skills, yet you want to learn drawing, then follow the path.
First of all, you have to understand what kind of drawing you feel comfortable with.

You need to know; which drawing most accessible to draw for you?

To know this, you should remember your childhood days and consider which drawing you used to create in your free time.

Almost all children habit that they make some design or drawing on copy with pen or pencil.

how to learn drawing for beginners

Most girls have a habit of making flowers, leaves, or drafting on their copy. The children keep repeating their name by writing them and keep making some designs around them.

Whenever I get a boring lecture in my class, I was doodle on the copy. If the whole thing is said in a nutshell, you should start drawing what you find easiest without wasting time.

Suppose you have to draw an apple; try to create its outline first. At this time, you do not have to pay any attention to whether our picture looks beautiful or not; besides, you do not have to take note of the shading at all.

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If you want to learn some skill in the world then remember one thing, you should spend some time with what you have to learn.

Without spending time, you will not be able to connect with it, and without this, it is impossible to learn anything new.

allow yourself to make mistakes

We should not be afraid of making mistakes while drawing. It is not a matter of science in which things are predetermined. It is creativity, which is not bound by any rules.

When we are afraid of making a mistake, we will refrain from doing anything new. At this point, your ability stops developing.

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I suggest that you do your drawing fearlessly.

How big you will become in the future or how rich you will become depends on your state of mind.
Maybe when you try something new, some people will laugh at you and make fun of you. This is because, to date, they have not seen anything like this.

The second reason is that weak people are afraid of change, so they also protest inadvertently.
You must have heard about Galileo. When he said that the Earth revolved around the Sun, he was imprisoned, and today the whole world believes in it.

Practice without getting bored

You will know about Usain Bolt. Within 10 seconds, he earned billions of dollars, setting a world record in the race. But do you know that; ten years of practice is hidden behind these 10 seconds?

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Only after practicing continuously for years and years can a person become the best in the world. I am not suggesting that you spend the whole time with this.

Practice drawing for only 10 minutes every day.

It will work for you, and after some time, you will see the change.

Learning to draw is not rocket science; the more you practice, the better your painting will become. Many problems arise at this point, like, I cannot take time out, or I get bored with repeated practice, or I cannot find the right guide.

If any question arises in your mind, move forward by ignoring it.

Questions arise in our minds all the time, and we spend time searching for answers to those same questions.

All you need to know is that we have to practice today. I will tell you in the next post what to do and how to practice.

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