how to learn drawing in just 21 days

We are interested in paintings and also practice it. But someone goes ahead in this field, and some stay behind despite trying.

What is this?

Maybe, you cannot understand the reason, but I can answer it.

I tried hard to get an answer. After much research and thought, I am presenting the perfect solution.

After knowing the reason for this, we will understand how to learn drawing in just 21 days.

As for as I think, no teacher teaches you this thing, and that teacher does not even care about how to teach you drawings. So, you can learn to draw easily.

If we talk about my self, it did not take me long to learn painting. It took more time and effort to understand. This how to be a good teacher.

First Reason-

There are two main reasons for beginners not being able to learn drawing, which I will elaborate on.

Even after making thousands of drawing videos, I have a little fear in my mind when starting a new drawing, and a question arises in my mind ; can I do it ?

how to learn drawing

If you start some severe artwork, you will feel the same. And when you spend 10 to 15 seconds with your drawing, your fear will disappear.

I have two YouTube channels of drawing, and besides, I have created several drawing videos. I also have more than 20 years of drawing experience.

If you fear at the beginning of work, there is nothing to worry about, and fear reflects your work’s seriousness. But your concern should be in control.

If your fear is not in control, then it may be a disadvantage ; this leads to a loss in your confidence.

The solution is that with a calm mind, start your artwork immediately. When you start, the fear itself will run away.

Second Reason-

The second and most significant reason for a person not being able to make a good artist is thinking. Beginners feel a good artist creates a perfect drawing without any mistake.

how to learn drawing

This idea makes us one of the most significant barriers to being a good artist. Friends, the truth is different.

No matter how big the artist is, there will be few mistakes with work. But a good artist hides that mistake with experience by giving it an artistic look.

Beginners consider it a mistake and leave the drawing in the middle. And assume that I will not be able to create this drawing.

These two are the biggest reasons why we are unable to create any drawing.
Whenever you want to create a picture, do not overthink.

If you feel any mistake while drawing, then try to correct it.

Do not leave your artwork in between.

After understanding this, I am telling you three ways by which you can improve your drawing skill.

Whenever you do your artwork, follow these three steps. You have to do this continuously for 21 days.

By doing this continuously for 21 days, these steps will be included in your habit.
After this, whenever you do new artwork, beauty will shine.

how to learn drawing technique 1 –

I have often seen that my few students darken the outline of the drawing.
They feel that the darker the outline, the more the picture will shine.

how to get better at drawing

But it is a myth.

It is advisable to do this if you are drawing a cartoon.

Darkening the outline of any drawing reduces its beauty.

If you have paid attention to my drawing videos, you must notice one thing: the drawing’s completion, I mostly use a rubber.

This is so that the outline of the drawing is lightened.

You have to try to make outline light as much as possible. And match the outer shading with the outline.

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This is the first method you have to include in your drawing.

How to learn drawing technique 2 –

My second advice is to improve your drawing skill whenever you do shading; it directions should be appropriate.

You have to assume that light is coming from one direction, and you have to shade accordingly.

For example, we assume that the light source is present on the right side. We create a scenery drawing with many objects in pictures, like, trees, stones, water, and grasses.

So that. According to the picture, we have to light shade on each object’s right side and dark shade on the left side.

how to get better at drawing

how to learn drawing technique 3 –

My third piece of advice is to use different grades of the pencil when you do your artwork.
At least you should use three pencils of different grades.

In my case, I use 8B, 4B, and 2B pencils in most of my drawings.

Apart from this, I also use charcoal pencils. If you are starting to learn, do not use a charcoal pencil right now.

Conclusion / how to get learn drawing –

If you, too, make such a mistake, keep these in mind. And draw for 21 consecutive days, taking into account the there methods described.

You will find yourself better in the drawing.

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