Negative and positive space art lesson – Your Key To Success

Today we will learn Negative and positive space art lesson by which you can add one more feather in your cap. Space is a crucial drawing element; a good artist uses space properly and maintains a balance.

Negative and positive space art lesson

If you don’t understand space in-depth and deeply, you won’t understand the importance of the space element, and you won’t even understand the reasons to understand this.

What is space in art

Let’s suppose you choose any drawing papers of any size. Whatever the paper’s surface size, it is an entire space.

If you construct one object within it, the space will be divided into two pieces, one of which is known as positive space, while the second part will be known as negative space.

We will discuss negative space and positive space further.

To understand space deeply, you have to understand its usage. The essential function of the space element is that it enhances the beauty of your drawing.

One mistake beginners always make is that, when trying to make an object appear prominently in their drawing, they tend to over-size it.

Negative and positive space art lesson

Whereas they are not aware that if we increase the size of an object in comparison to other objects, then its balance will be disturbed.

If the balance in the drawing deteriorates, then the picture’s beauty gets spoiled. you should always remember this point as negative and positive space art lesson.

Now we come to the point of what is negative and positive space.

positive space

Many people are confused on this subject, what exactly is positive space because they perceive negative and positive space in the form of illusion drawing.

They do not understand the fact that even a simple drawing has positive and negative space.

If you have a plain drawing paper, you only see one space element on it. But as soon as you paint something on it, that space will be divided into two parts. Whatever you have pictured is called positive space.

negative space

The amount of space left on the paper other than what you have drawn is called negative space.

The point to note here is that I am not calling the background a negative space; rather, the area that an artist wants to depict prominently, apart from the thing that remains, is negative space.

negative and positive space art lesson and examples

There is no need to give examples of positive and negative space art here because you can find positive and negative space in any picture, as I said earlier.

This is your exercise task to examine an image and determine which portion of it is positive space and which is negative.

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In the final analysis, I’d like to point out that you could get lost in space and also in proportion.

If you draw multiple objects in a drawing, their proportions must be accurate among themselves. And also, the ratio of the hole objects in drawing to the ratio of your entire drawing paper should be the right balance.

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