simple minimalist drawing techniques – Bet You Never Knew About it !

You may have heard about minimalist drawings, but do you precisely know what is a simple minimalist drawing is? And how it helps us to improve our art skills.

Minimalist drawing is that branch of drawing art where only lines are used to represent the picture.

The drawing should have no shading and the background should also be simple. This is the definition of ‘what is a minimalist drawing’. You will know the secret that helps you learn drawing ahead.

simple minimalist drawing learning

Minimalist drawing is used to create simple drawings. The only difference between simple drawing and minimalist drawing is that simple drawing has light shade.

Minimalist drawing is most commonly used to teach drawing to beginners and children.

Commercially, lines and simple minimalist drawing are used to create children’s coloring books. You may know that the coloring book contains pictures that are made using lines, and children add different colors to it.

simple minimalist drawing

It is used to create a company logo; whoever designs the logo must have basic knowledge of minimalist drawing.

2 rules for simple minimalist drawing

Two rules of minimalist drawing suggest ways to bring beauty to the drawing picture. These rules are straightforward to say, but it isn’t easy to get into the habit.

The first rule is to draw a picture using at least lines and curves. Using fewer lines makes the drawing fair and look more attractive.

The second rule says that there should not be much overlap of lines in drawing pictures. If you use lines and curves more in a picture, it will become a sketch.

These two rules will enable you to make any drawing. We will discuss it in detail in other posts about it.

From childhood, you are taught a way to draw pictures. That is, first you should make the outlines of the drawing which you have going to draw. After that, you should fill in the Colors or shading in your picture.

I always say that it is the proper ratio and balance that make the picture alive.

My advice is that beginners should use it in abundance. The biggest reason for this is that it will make you practice the correct ratio.

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