What is cross hatching in art? Learn to use this amazing technique

What is cross hatching in art? When someone asks me this question, one of my answers is that it is not just a shading technique, but it is developing into a new art form.

Nowadays, the artist uses cross-hatching not only for shading, but the whole painting is done from it. Therefore it has become necessary to know what is cross hatching in art.

What is cross hatching in art?

If we describe its definition, we can say that it is a set of parallel lines intersecting vertically. In cross-hatching, we can adjust the darkness or lightness of shading based on the distance between the line.

When it is used as shading, it takes two techniques.

1- Where dark shading is to be shown, the distance between the lines should be kept short.

2- The distance between the lines increases in the area where light shading is to be done. In this way, now you must have understood What is cross hatching in art.

How to learn cross-hatching?

What is cross hatching in art

Learning the cross-hatching technique is not difficult; in the beginning, you will have to practice a little for a few days.

you can practice this in your notebook or on a plain paper sheet.

First of all, draw the desired shape on a plane sheet such as a square, triangle, ellipse, etc. Within that shape, you have to practice cross-hatching.

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For cross-hatching, short parallel lines have to be drawn first. After that, perpendicular lines are to be made by intersecting the earlier lines.

When you practice this for a while, you’ll learn to draw it beautifully and use it for shading.

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