What is free hand drawing ? and its Features

When we look at a drawing, how will we recognize that it is a free hand drawing? To understand this, first, you need to know what is free hand drawing.

what is free hand drawing

Freehand drawing is a drawing that does not have to be followed by the rules of art while creating it. At the same time, it is a drawing emerge from immediate thoughts.

In simple terms, drawing with your creative idea and without the help of picture reference is called free hand drawing.

Many people think that if the grid does not use a method, it is wrong to call the drawing a freehand drawing.

Freehand drawing should arise from your thoughts and fantasies, not referring to another picture.

why freehand drawing is so important-

Even if you don’t have expertise in drawing, you can still create free hand art. That means you can further improve your drawing skills with the help of freehand art.

It is most suitable for drawing practice as it does not require any rule of law.

what is free hand drawing

Features of Free Hand Drawing –

I think it’s the art between Abstract Art and sketching. It does not have as much freedom as abstract art that we lose the physical form of any picture.

We have to maintain the physical form by obeying our thoughts.

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The best feature of this is what I think. It accelerates your work or project. You can prepare a blueprint of anything with its help.

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