How to calm your mind from anxiety from simple way

Friends, today is my topic is how to calm your mind from anxiety so that i am telling a story. A billionaire lived in a city, he had a lot of money and he was very proud of it. Once for some reason, he got an infection in his eyes. And eyes were badly irritated.

How to calm your mind from anxiety

He went to the doctors but the doctors could not cure his disease. Rich man had a lot of money and he called famous doctors from abroad. A big doctor said that you have allergic reactions to your eyes.

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You have to see only green color objects for a few days and if you see any other color, then the eyes will have trouble. What was now, billionaires called the many painters and asked to paint the entire palace with green paint.

He said that I should not seen any other color except green, wherever I go, every scenery be green.

A lot of money was being spent in this work, even then, some different colors were often seen by him.

Because it was not possible to paint the whole city with green color.

A simple way

A gentle man passing through city. seeing green color all around, he asked people the reason. Hearing every thing, went to rich man and said that rich man, you do not need to spend so much money, I have a small solution to your problem. why don’t you take green glasses then everything will be green.

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Rich man was surprised to hear this, he thought that I did not understand such a small thing. I was spending so much money unnecessarily.

Friends, many things in life also depend on our thinking and attitude, the solution of the problem can be very easy, but we are stuck in trouble.

you want to know that, how to solve your problem ?

conclusion for How to calm your mind from anxiety

This story tells that our thinking is negative then we suffer from the possibility of something going wrong in life. it negatively effects our lives.

we often call the things good which are according to our thinking , and the things which are not according to our thinking.
how much right and wrong is our thinking.

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