hockey drawing easy / learn in 5 step by step procedures

How to draw hockey drawing easy picture ! I’m giving you some information before I tell you that; It is very easy to draw a picture of hockey, but it can be a little difficult to shade.

If you are a drawing teacher, a student, or someone who wants to learn drawing.

I want to tell everyone that Your purpose should not be to end only here, to draw a picture similar to that of an object. Rather, you should focus on how to bring beauty to this picture.

I also take care of that. So I’m showing a little background along with the hockey picture. You can change the background according to your liking.

tools (hockey drawing easy)

If you have different grades of pencils, use 2B, 4B, and 8B pencils. Otherwise, you use any one pencil.
Also, you should have drawing paper, rubber, and scale.

hockey drawing easy drawing procedure

I’m going to tell you in 5 steps how to draw a hockey picture. A picture exists with each step. Through which you will be easier to understand.

step 1

The first step is the easiest for you. You have to draw two parallel slant lines.

You have to note that the distance between the lines should not be much.

step 2

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You have to shape hockey in the second phase. You will be able to make it very easily with the help of a picture.

step 3

The third step is very important to draw a picture of hockey. In this, you have to shade with the help of a pencil.

Hockey is to darken the part from where it is turned, with the help of a pencil. And throughout hockey, you have to darken the bottom part.

Here I want to tell you a very important thing. Which you always have to take care of
You should never be shading to entire picture if you are creating any drawings.

hockey drawing easy

Shading should be done towards the edge and downwards whenever shading in any picture.

Now let’s focus on drawing hockey. The twisted part in hockey has to be completely darkened.

You have to complete the drawing as shown in Figure 3.

hockey drawing easy step 4

hockey drawing easy

Now you will learn some ways to enhance the beauty of the picture. You will also draw a picture of a tennis ball together to make the picture more vibrant.

At the same time, you have to show the shadow of hockey and the ball.

If you are showing the shadow of objects in any picture, the direction of all should be kept the same. You can’t do that if you show the shadow of something to the right, show someone’s shadow to the left.

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If you go by figure 4, you have to make a little background after showing the shadow.

I have shown two stones in the picture. You can show something else in the background like wall, box etc. if you like.

step – 5

hockey drawing easy

As the background depicts the stone, you will shed the edge and bottom of the picture (stone) as you mentioned earlier.

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