how to draw rose with pencil easily / just 6 steps

Today I will teach you a straightforward method for ‘how to draw rose with pencil’ which I used in a drawing competition in 8th grade, and I got first place in it.

Before making the drawing of roses, I want to tell you one more thing.

I have drawn the rose drawing many times, so I understood one thing: there is no definite proportion in rose drawing.

In other words, if you think that I am not able to follow the drawing properly, that’s fine!

You complete your drawing. In the end, you will see that your picture (drawing) has become beautiful.

Tools (how to draw rose with pencil) –

I’m teaching you how to draw roses with pencils so that you won’t need many tools. If you want to create a color drawing, you can also color even after drawing with a pencil.

Talking about the tools, I have used 4B and 8B pencils to make a rose flower drawing.
Besides, rubber and shading equipment called blending stumps have been used.

how to draw rose with pencil –

The drawing of a rose is being taught through 6 steps. Six pictures are being used to help you.

Each picture is divided into two parts A and B. With its help, it will be easy for you to learn the drawing roses.

step 1

We start drawing from the center; for this, you will make a tiny heart shape. You have to draw around this little heart.

rps20210422 132311

As you have seen in Figure 1, you have to shape it accordingly.

step 2 ( how to draw rose with pencil)

At this stage, you will begin to feel the shape of the rose. In it, you have to show the inner petals of the rose.

You can use the help of Figure 2. If there is a slight difference in your drawn lines, there is no need to think about it. Maybe if I recreate it, my lines will change as well.

rps20210422 132650

You have to pay attention that the rose petals should be visible from the lines you make.
For this, in Figure 2B, where the pencil is, you have to draw it in the same way as shown in the figure.

step 3

In this stage, we draw the outer petals of the rose. You have to pay attention to one thing, till now you were keeping the petals outline very close.

But You should keep the lines away to show the outer petals.

how to draw rose with pencil

With the help of Figure 3, you can show the outer petals of the rose.

step 4

Here the outline of your rose flower is complete, and we start drawing the rose leaves.

rps20210422 132902

To make a rose leaf, draw the lines with gaps; as shown in Figure 4B, you can create a rose drawing.

Step 5 –

Now we will start shading for the drawing of the rose flower. First, you have to show the leaves of the rose according to Figure 5.

how to draw rose with pencil

According to Figure 5b, you have to darken under a rose flower through a dark pencil. This will enhance the 3D effect in your photo.

Step 6 (how to draw rose with pencil)-

This is the final stage of your drawing, and your rose flower drawing will be drawn.

how to draw rose with pencil

As you can see in Figure 6, the shading of the pencil is done under each petal.

Use light hands to do the shading.

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After shading, you lighten the outline with the help of rubber. Also, you can improvise your drawing where appropriate.

Now the rose flower drawing (how to draw rose with pencil) is ready. I hope you liked our post, please comment for your suggestions and advice.

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