simple drawing for kids / most important lessons

Simple drawing for kids is a very significant topic because, According to research, those kids who are taught things through drawings and paintings can learn things half the time compared to other children.

It has been adopted as a new method and has become a practice of teaching young children through paintings.

If you listen to the world-famous memory champion, they can remember the number or alphabet through pictures.

If they have to remember something large, they turn these pictures into stories.
In this way, they can remember anything for a long time.

In this way, you can understand how essential drawing is for children. That’s why I named the title of this article “Simple Drawing for Kids.”

Here I’m going to teach you three easy drawings.

If you are a child or a beginner, you can carry a screenshot on your mobile. This will help you practice.

If you are a parent or a teacher, understand the instructions given properly. So that you can help explain to the children.

drawing tools (simple drawing for kids)

You will use drawing paper, pencil and rubber to make a picture.

turtle drawing

You can learn turtle drawing with the help of pictures. Very easy way to tell you.

First of all, you have to make a sphere. The first thing to do in this sphere is to make an oval curve that will become the turtle’s head. Similarly, with the help of an oval curve, you will draw all four legs.

simple drawing for kids

Hexagons will be formed inside the sphere to depict the turtle’s back. They will mix the line with a sphere from each edge of the hexagon. In this way, the turtle’s back will be painted and ready.

After painting so much, you have to make a turtle’s tail and eyes. Two small points have to be made to represent the eye. It will be quite easy to complete the drawing with the help of a picture.

simple drawing for kids (umbrella drawing)

In the previous figure, you had to make a circle, but you have to make a semicircle in this picture. I am not going to tell you how to make circles and semicircles.

simple drawing for kids

Now you have to portray the diameter of the semicircle as shown in the figure, not directly adding it.

While painting the umbrella’s handle, two close parallel lines have to be drawn and folded according to the picture from the bottom.

The design that was made in your umbrella. Now, parallel to that, another design has to be made in the same way.

Now, you have to make small points in the middle of it, which will enhance the beauty of the picture. Now the drawing of the umbrella is ready.

fish drawing easy-

Children love drawing fish. It will not be very difficult to portray the fish.

According to the picture, first, you have to make two curves tilted towards each other. The thickness of both curves should be such that the size of the fish appears.

simple drawing for kids

Now you have to paint the mouth of the fish. To depict it, you have to make two lines of the triangle and keep the third line invisible. This way, the fish’s mouth will be open, and the fish will look very cute.

To depict the fish’s tail, you have to make a semicircle at 90 degrees of the fish’s body. The part of the semicircle that is touching the fish body is to be erased from the rubber.
According to the figure, two small curves are to be made to look like a fishtail.

The fish’s eye is always round. To portray it, you have to create a small circle and make a point between them. The picture of the fish’s eye will be ready.

You will portray the fish fin as you see it in the picture. You should use parallel lines to create designs inside the fins.

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A semicircle is to be made on the fish body connecting the front of the two fins to make the picture of the fish look beautiful. Water bubbles can be shown near the fish’s mouth to enhance the beauty of the picture further.

Today, you have learnt three drawings which are very important for children and beginners. It would be best if you start your drawing with easy pictures to learn drawing.

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