know about 7 elements of art drawing if you want to become a pro Artist

To get better at drawing, you need to know about the 7 elements of art drawing. Some might advise you that it is only necessary to know the five elements. But I would always advise you to closely understand the seven elements of drawing.

Before explaining the 7 elements of art drawing, I am telling you about what is meant by element.

The basic building blocks of an object are called elements.

We understand this by an example. If we talk about a house, we can say that the house is made up of rooms.

But rooms can’t be elements of a home. Now talking about the room, a room is made up of walls and ceiling, but it is also not an element because the walls and roof are made up of bricks.

Thus bricks can be an element because it is the smallest unit of a home.

You understand the element; now you can learn about the elements of drawing.

7 elements of art drawing :

The first element that is considered is the line.


Let us define it, and we can say that joining two points is called a line. The line is of great importance to an artist because a small line can change the expressions of the whole picture. 

7 elements of art drawing


More than one line together forms the shape. The shape has its own identity, and they express emotions. There are two types of shapes.

Geometric shape: Geometric shapes are the shapes we study in mathematics and physics, for example – triangles, circles, etc.

Organic Shapes: Organic shapes are those with no definite shape, or we can say that all those shapes we use in the drawing are called organic shapes.


The third element of the 7 elements of art drawing is the form. The three-dimensional form of shape is called a form. As if any circle takes a three-dimensional form and becomes a sphere.

It is used more in sculpture.


Few people see it as an element, but it is imperative. It contributes a lot to enhancing the beauty of the drawing. Note that there is space inside and outside the objects in a drawing, and both have equal importance.

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I know this; I don’t need to tell you about the color. But I would like to tell you a few things about color. All colors are produced from the primary color. That is red, yellow, and blue.

By mixing primary colors, secondary colors are formed, and further colors combine to form countless colors.

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Apart from this, I want to say one more thing, each color expresses its own expression, which affects the viewer’s mood.


The 6th element of the 7 elements of art drawing is the value.This is also a key element, its definition is that the darkness or lightnet of a color is called its value.

If we take the example of red color, then we can say that light red or thick red is its value.


The surface property of any drawing paper or canvas you use for drawing is called a texture. This is the last element in the 7 elements of art drawing.

The texture can be rough or smooth.

I recommend that you use smooth textures to create a realistic drawing. And if you want an artistic look to your drawing, then you should use a rough surface.

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