best pencil for drawing and shading – Your teachers Never Told You About it

Which is the best pencil for drawing and shading? This question has been asked of me thousands of times, but I think it is not fair to answer it in few words.

In the beginning, I used to answer some people by telling them the name of a pencil company.

But I came to know later that a short reply is not solving their problem. Here I’m not deviating you from the question. Rather, I am taking into the depth of your question.

In my opinion, you should use pencils from 2B to 8B grades for drawing and shading.

If you still want to know the name of the pencil company, I would like to tell you a story first.

story of a rat and monk

A saint lived by building a small hut on the side of a village. He had very extraordinary powers that enabled him to do anything. There lived a rat in the same hut that the saints often saw.

The saint noticed that the mouse was very scared whenever he saw the cat.

The saint felt pity for the mouse. The saint thought that if the mouse is transformed into a cat, the fear would be gone.

The saint turned the mouse into a cat with his magical powers. After some time, he noticed that it was still afraid. Now its fear is not from the cat but the dog.

The saint then turned the cat into a dog.

Now the saints are convinced that the fear of this has been completely dispelled.
Once again, the saint saw that he( Dog) was afraid of humans. The saints were kind, so they wanted to help once more.

This time he transformed the dog into a beautiful young woman with his magical powers. One day the saint saw the young woman running away in fear.

The saint asked the beautiful young woman, “What are you afraid of now.” The young woman replied, “I was scared to see the rat.”

The saint once again helped and, this time, turned the young woman back into a rat.

best pencil for drawing and shading

best pencil for drawing and shading

With the help of this story, I want to explain to you that you should first try drawing from all the drawing tools you have. And running in a new direction every time doesn’t solve your problem.

Using an expensive pencil may not make your drawing skill better. Move towards drawing tools as per your requirement.

If you are starting to learn drawing, then you can start learning drawing from any pencil.

If you have spent some time drawing and now want to grow in this field, you should use better tools.

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My first piece of advice is that you should use a soft pencil to make drawings. As I have mentioned before, soft pencils are 2B to 8B. The more value of B increases, the softness of the pencil will also increase.

I consider the pencil of two companies to be the best for doing professional work.

1- Staedtler Mars Lumograph Drawing Pencil

2- faber castell Graphite Pencil

How to choose best pencil for drawing and shading ?

I want to tell you one more thing before choosing the best pencil. The pencil is usually placed in three categories.

1- mechanical pencil
2- graphite pencil
3- charcoal pencil

Here I’m not talking about colored pencils. You can choose which pencil is the best according to your technique. For example, suppose you are drawing a face; it has two ways to shade.

best pencil for drawing and shading

1- The first way is to make face outlines and other things. after that, give light shading all over the face with the help of a pencil for skin shading.

If you draw this way, you should choose a mechanical pencil here.

2- The second way is to use a shading tool instead of giving a pencil shade all over the face to show facial skin.

If you draw this way, then you should choose a charcoal or graphite pencil.

my opinion-

I want to tell you that you should have good drawing material if you are associated with the drawing field. But one should not decide which is the best pencil for drawing and shading.

It would be best if you chose a pencil as per your requirement. You will find many options on YouTube and social media.

All these companies get their products promoted. First, you understand your need and then come to a conclusion.

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