5 best drawing tips for faces that will be extremely essential to you

A friend asked me for some drawing tips for faces. At first, I kept avoiding him. Then I realized it was a big concern because he always seemed to struggle whenever I saw him draw faces.

To help him, I have guided him through some techniques I am now sharing with you.

You can also easily take advantage of some drawing tips for faces that I delivered to my friend if you stay on this article till the end.

drawing tips for faces

The first piece of advice I would like to share is that you should keep the top of the head rounded in the drawing.

Some people may advise that the face is oval, so you should start drawing with an oval.
But first, you should draw a circle and make the bottom part an oval. The upper part of the head will not be perfect if you try to make a complete oval.

You can adopt another technique: give the whole face an oval shape, and then you can make a round shape for the head. In this way, you can quickly outline the face.

2nd Tips – Golden Ratio

drawing tips for faces

Another drawing tips for faces is that you should prioritize proportion the most. If you do not understand the Golden Ratio, then simply put, the ratio that forms an ideal face shape.

Although the proportion of the face may be more or less according to the inclination of the face or the age, if you are making an ideal sketch of a face, you should use the golden ratio only.

The Golden Ratio for the face says that if you draw a straight line from the chin to the top of the head, 45% of that line will be the upper part of the head, and the remaining 55% will be the lower part. In this ratio, we can divide the face into two parts.

Eyebrows, forehead, and hair will come in at 45%. And in the remaining 55 percent cover, nose, lips, etc. You will get detailed information on this topic in another post.

Third tips

My third drawing tips for faces would be to pay special attention to the width of the forehead.

Because If you put less forehead width, the face will look younger. By increasing the forehead’s width, the face will look older.

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Along with this, you also have to keep the perfect ratio between both eyebrows. You will also get the techniques for creating perfect eyebrows in subsequent articles.

Fourth tips

The fourth drawing tips for faces that I will tell you very few people know about it. People do not know how much gap there is between the two eyes so that they look the most beautiful.

The answer is that you should leave only one eye gap between the two eyes.

Understand this with an example: if one eye is 7 cm wide, the distance between the two eyes should also be 7 cm. By doing this, you will get the perfect ratio.

Last Tips

drawing tips for faces

My fifth drawing tips for faces is to keep the length of your nose straight and simple. Put bluntly; you don’t have to make the nose shape too big or too small.

You have to strike a balance because the disturbance here can spoil the beauty of the whole drawing.

Apart from this, you must remember that the distance between the lips and the nose must be kept right.

Shape, proportion, and accuracy are essential in drawing a face, but we must understand that shading also plays a big role in the drawing.

Considering the length of the article, I will not go into detail about shading here, but I must tell you that you should shade the raised part with light shading and the rest with darker shading than that; that is my bonus tip for you.

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