how to improve anatomy drawing easily – in just 3 weeks

I am often asked how to improve anatomy drawing through emails and comments. It was impossible to answer each individual repeatedly, so I am writing this article.

In this article, I am telling you how to improve anatomy drawing. My effort will be that you become a champion in drawing anatomy in the shortest possible time.

I can’t remember when I first did anatomy drawing, but I know that people we taught learned to draw within 21 days by following the described method.

Let me tell you one more thing: the method I am describing will also prove useful in making other types of drawings. So what you are going to learn has to be put into practice.

how to improve anatomy drawing

Whether you’re drawing human anatomy or an animal, you should start with line drawing.

I didn’t mean that you have to draw some kinds of the outline by line-drawing. Rather I mean, you have to draw the body part of a human or animal with the help of the ‘simple straight line.’

You may have heard of stick drawing. Stick drawing is very simple; In this, various expressions can be drawn with the help of some simple lines.

Surprisingly, with the help of some straight lines and a circle, all the expressions of the human figure can be visible.

how to improve anatomy drawing

Usually, the match stick can be used to make this drawing. But if you want to make it on a paper sheet, you can easily do a stick drawing.

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The reason to discuss stick drawing here is that you can improve anatomy drawing with its help.

With both stick drawing or line drawing, my goal is to start drawing in a much easier way.

Apart from this, if I tell you how to improve anatomy drawing, I must say one thing you should know the basics. For this, you have to understand the body structure of humans and aminals.

Understand basic structure

Suppose you are making a human anatomy drawing, then you do not need to know about 206 bones of human beings. Rather, you only need to understand a few basic shapes, like how a person can bend his body while walking or sitting.

Learning will become easier when you draw anatomy drawings using line drawing or stick drawing.

With the help of only 6 to 10 bends in the human body, you can show all the expressions of the real world.

Now, you have already got the answer for how to improve anatomy drawing; please comment to me to learn more.

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