Simplest way to learn outline of Body Drawing in just 10 minutes

When we learn human figure drawing, it is important to have an understanding of the correct outline of body drawing. Because if we can make the right outline for any figure drawing, then more than half of our goal is accomplished.

Outline of body drawing is a kind of the most basic part that you learn in figure drawing.

If you depict the body of both a man and a woman, then the proportion of their whole body parts will be similar.

And if you outline both, then the difference is clearly visible. Like, the woman’s waist will be wider, and the upper shape will differ; besides that, you will learn many more differences.

Next, you are going to learn the right way, which will make it easier for you to make the outline of body drawing.

how to Outline of body drawing

Before the draw, if you understand the accurate proportion of a figure and finish the drawing accordingly, then your drawing will surely be good. I am telling you a formula; use it when drawing a human figure.

The formula is that the leg length is always twice the length between the waist and the neck. If you keep the proportions of this part of the body proper, then the rest of the proportions are automatically corrected.

Outline of body drawing

Apart from this, if you want to know more, understand that the length of the head with the neck should be one-fourth of the length of the legs.

Now I am telling you to draw the outline of the body drawing. To learn this, you have to divide the body into two parts, upper and lower.

Upper Part of Body Drawing

When you start your drawing, first decide the size of the whole figure according to the drawing paper size. For this, you make a mark at the top and bottom, between which you have to draw.

Now, if you want, you can start outlining with the outline of the head.

While the outline of the body drawing, when you begin the outline of the head, it should be made oval. But you must remember to keep the upper part of the head spheroidal.

If the shoulder outline is being made for the man, then it should be kept wider than the woman.

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If you want to outline a smart person, the upper portion from the waist should be shown in a V shape.

I want to tell you one more thing, which probably few people will tell. Some people make the mistake of keeping the length of the hands to the waist, but you should keep the length below the waist.

This way, more than half of your drawing is completed.

Lower portion drawing

When you outline of body drawing of the legs, you can divide it into two parts.

First, you should draw the thighs drawing; for this, we must remember that if you draw a female outline, the thighs should be slim.

Outline of body drawing

In the second part, we will draw a drawing below the knees, which will be the same for males and females.

One more thing we can say is that when we outline of body drawing, there is no need to demonstrate the outline of shoes or heels.

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