how to determine the value of paintings by artist? Know these 5 most important factors

Determining the value of paintings by artist after completing the painting is not easy. Nor is it easy for those who want to judge the value of a painting by looking at it.

Often you must have seen those strange-looking paintings sold for millions of dollars, and there is no price for a beautiful painting.

You may not understand the reason behind this, but some factors create the value of that painting. Out of these, 5 major factors determine the value of a painting; today, you will learn about them.

value of paintings by artist

If you know these five factors, you’ll be able to sell your artwork at the highest price as an artist, or if you are an art lover, you can purchase a painting for a reasonable price.

original artwork

value of paintings by artist

While beginner artists create artwork, they usually take the help of references. In reality, that painting has been created by someone else.

No matter how beautiful the painting is, its value decreases because it needs to be original artwork.

Before determining the value of paintings by artist, it must be noted that the painting is an original artwork because there is a lot of demand for original artwork in the art market. And due to high demand, its price also increases.


Most people think that the more realistic the painting, the more its value will be. But in the art market, value is determined not by what is realistic but by what is artistic.

One thing that should be addressed here is that some meaning must be embedded within a painting.; without sense, the value of painting will be further reduced.

To explain that artistic drawing is an extremely complex subject, I’m trying to present it simply. The price of gold and silver is high in market while it is brittle than iron, and iron is so strong, yet its price is low.

The reason behind this is the availability, as iron is available in large quantities, whereas gold and silver are very few available. Similarly, a rare painting will always be worth more. By the way, technology has developed so much that any painting can be copied.

But, the artwork should be so that the artist can’t duplicate it. This is another factor that will help determine the value of a painting by the artist.

age of painting

value of paintings by artist

The third most important factor that will determine the value of paintings by artist is the period of the painting.

The older the artwork, the higher its value. The price of a 100-year-old painting reaches millions of dollars because it has some history attached to it.

Even if no history is attached, it becomes valuable because it is ancient.

If someone presently makes a painting, then how determines the value of paintings by artist? You will find the answer in the next point.

Branding of Artist

The fourth factor affecting the value of paintings by an artist is none other than the artist himself.

If a famous artist makes a painting, everyone knows it will cost more. Instead, if a new artist makes a great painting, how can he get a good value for it? This is a big question, but its answer will also be found today.

Branding is the biggest contributor to increasing the value of a painting.

To increase branding, you have to be active on social media. Your identity should be visible on the social site, and many followers should also be with you.

Size of Painting

The fifth and final factor that will determine the value of paintings by artist is the size of the painting.

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The bigger the size of the painting, the higher will be the value of this painting. It also does not mean that you should make a painting of more than a limited size.

The size of the painting should be according to the demand.

If you make a very small painting, such as A4 size, and expect it to sell very expensively, then that thinking would be wrong.

Thus, through these five factors you can know the value of paintings by artist.

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