What is hatching in art ? No One Tell You These amazing Things About Hatching

What is hatching in art? More is needed if you answer that it is just a shading technique. However, You will only be able to use this technique properly if you understand its basics.

Along with where and when you should use the hatching technique, you will also get the answer today.

First, you’ll learn the basics of hatching, and later, you’ll move into the details.

What is hatching in art

In the real world, whenever you observe an object, you find out the light came from many angles and falls on it, and then that object is visible. For this reason, many shades are formed on the surface of an object.

When we draw anything, we have to show the shadow of light from different angles.

what is hatching in art

Similarly, when we draw a picture, we have to represent the shadow of light from different angles. By doing this, we can enhance the natural feeling and effect of the drawing.

The shadow of light can be shown in two ways, first by shading and second by blending.

We use blending when we create realistic images. The picture is given a smooth touch by applying blending techniques.

Apart from this, the shading we use while making artistic images is of a rough style. And for this, we mainly use hatching and cross-hatching. By now, you have understood the difference between shading and blending.

The obvious answer to what is hatching in art is that it is shading done by parallel lines. When we depict the shadow part of the picture with the help of parallel lines, this technique is called hatching.

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Along with hatching, you must have heard the name of cross-hatching too. It is a similar technique.

In hatching, parallel lines are drawn in only one direction, whereas in cross-hatching, parallel lines are drawn in 2 directions. These two directions are perpendicular to each other.

where and when you should use the hatching technique

You have got the answer for what is hatching in art, but you may have yet to understand its correct use. It would be best if you used it in such a way that it enhances the beauty of the drawing.

Incorrect hatching spoils the drawing.

There are some rules to this, and the first rule is that you should not use hatching all over the picture. Use hatching only in 20 or 30% of a picture.

Using hatching throughout the image can reduce the beauty of the picture. You can draw using 100% hatching on a picture, but it takes a lot of mastery. It is called a different type of art form.

I hope, with the answer to what is hatching in art, you have come to know these interesting things about hatching.

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